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What is the Coletum

Coletum is a data collection and management platform strived for field teams that can be used by several segments. Create forms and collect data from anywhere, on your computer or even somewhere without internet, through your mobile device.

Any data.

Create forms with several types of questions with a computer connected to the internet.


Fill the forms in your pc, mobile or tablet, even without an internet connection.


Configure your team's members access and track the team's performance.

Coletum in the daily life of the people

Check out how the people are using the Coletum

Garden plague and disease control

Ana created a form to collect the features of her garden beds and records periodic samples to estimate the infestation control.

Quality control in the lab

Paula records and checks the analysis results of each sample with a check-list form that her team built.

Civil constructions inspections

The construction company auditors know that Jhon was indeed in the construction yard, checking on the map the place of each inspection executed.

Warehouse product inventory

Marcus created a form to survey his warehouse products, including the package of each one of them.

Harvest productivity and production projection

Mary collects data using her tablet right on the plantation, knowing exactly the locations of her propriety with the highest productivity rates.

Supermarket research

July goes to the supermarkets to record and photograph the disposition and sell prices of her products.

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Coletum's use

Coletum optimizes the routine of several companies...

+ 8.000
+ 2.500.000
+ 25.000

How to view your data

Coletum offers several ways for you to work with the collected data according to your needs, so you can use your favorite software.