• What is the Coletum?

    Our main goal is to offer a tool for you to retire the old and limited paper forms!

    We developed Coletum thinking about that, a tool for creating forms according to your needs, that can be answered through computers, smartphones or tablets, at anytime, anywhere.

    Coletum gives you agility in an easy to use way to obtain, validate and extract your data, reducing the time between data acquisition and availability to generate information and valuable knowledge for your activity. 


  • What are the advantages of Coletum?

    • Easy to create forms:  You need just 3 steps to create a form: 1- pick the form name. 2 - insert the desired fields. 3 - visualize the form. Done, as simple as that!
    • Flexibility in data acquisition: Fill out the forms on the computer (with any operational system) or use Android (soon in the Apple Store) smartphones and tablets .
    • Team management: No one likes to work alone, right? Thinking about that Coletum allows you to add members to your team to fill out your forms and follow up their data acquisition work.
    • Data spatialization in maps: If you want, you can configure the form to store the geographic coordinates of the form record. This way, through your computer, you can use Coletum interactive map to visualize where the data was acquired. 

  • For what type of activities Coletum was developed for?

    Coletum was designed to tend several activities, and is not bound to one determined segment. That means that the Coletum can be used in surveys, monitorings, processes follow up, scientific researchers, and several others, after all, you create YOUR OWN form. 

  • Do I need internet connection to fill out the forms?

    No, you don’t need! You can fill out the forms with a smartphone or tablet, without the need to be connected. When there is an internet connection, with the push of a button, the data is sent to a safe server where they are instantaneously available to visualize and download from your computer.  

    When opting by filling out the forms on the computer a constant internet connection is required. In this way, the data are available for visualization and download in real time.

  • Can I use the computer to fill out the forms?

    Yes, you can! Besides smartphones and tablets you can also use your computer to fill out the forms, without the need to install specific or complexes softwares. The Coletum runs directly in your internet browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even in Internet Explorer.

  • What can I do with my records?

    By using Coletum in your computer you can visualize/edit the records, visualize the records location in an interactive map, as well as download them in CSV format for processing them in tools such as Excel, Access, R, MATLAB, SAS/STAT, and others.

  • How does the subscription plans and payment works?

    The Coletum aims to comply with different users and companies profiles, this way you can choose the plan that better suits your needs. Find out the details of each plan by clicking here. Wait, we also have a free plan for you to try out our tool, without time restrictions.

    The payments are monthly and performed by PagSeguro, offering you total security and payment methods flexibility.  

  • Is there a discount for students or teachers?

    We were students once and we know the costs of education. 

    If you are a student and the free plan is not enough for your academic needs, send us an e-mail with a copy of your classes registrations and frequency attendance to support@coletum.com and we’ll send you a 50% discount coupon for all months, during your academic years (yearly renewed), for the basic or professional plans.

    Teacher, we know the great importance of working with clean data to generate good works and research. If you wish to use the Coletum for teaching ends send an e-mail to support@coletum.com.br with the link of your institution containing your name in the faculty members list. Well gladly present you with a custom plan to fit your needs.

  • What if the corporate plan is not enough for my needs?

    If you believe that the corporate plan is not enough for you, please get in contact with us (support@coletum.com) and we’ll gladly assess your needs and offer you a better solution.

  • Is my data safe?

    The Coletum data is kept on the Google Cloud Platform (Google’s hosting service). This platform possesses over 15 years of experience focuses on the security of their applications and clients data. As such, the Coletum and your data benefit from the same security model as Google applications, such as Gmail, Google Apps, and many others.

  • How do I start?

    Just fill a small register form to activate your account and done! You can already create forms and collect data. Let’s go? Click here!

  • Still in doubt?

    If you wish to clarify something else, feel free to contact us by e-mail (support@coletum.com) ou trough our chat support in the lower right area of the web page.