Get to know about Coletum

Build amazing forms

With a few clicks transform your paper forms into digital forms in Coletum.

Choose the right questions types

Choose between 22 questions types the ones that better suit the data type you wish to collect.

Expand your possibilities

Enhance your forms with questions types such as photos, geographic coordinates, evaluation, and many others...

Correlate distinct forms

Use the records of one form to feed the questions of another form.

Manage your team

Configure which forms each team member can access and what they can visualize in each one of them.

Create repeatable groups of questions

Optimize form filling by creating repeatable groups of questions.

Fill your forms from the app

Collect data anywhere with smartphones or tablets, even without an internet connection.

Fill your forms from the computer

If your operation doesn't demand field data collection, you can fill the forms in your computer through a web browser.

Engage the audience

Publish a shareable link of your form and receive records from anyone.

Create graphics

With a few clicks, you can produce amazing graphics to analyze your data right in Coletum, without the need to export the data to other tools.

Visualize in the map

Follow up in the map the location where the records were collected.

Export to your favorite tool

Export Coletum's records in PDF, CSV, XLSX or KML, and process the data in the tool of your choice.

Create integrations

Use the API to consume data directly from Coletum, a system to system communication.

Speed up your R analysis

Connect your R scripts with Coletum through the RColetum package and speed up your analysis.