Privacy Policy

Updated at: 03/08/2018

This site, whose domain is ("SITE") and the application, whose name is "Coletum" ("APPLICATION"), collectively referred to as "COLETUM", are owned, maintained and operated by GEOSAPIENS TECHNOLOGY E INFORMAÇÃO LTDA., Registered with CNPJ under no. 09.006.473 / 0001-70, with its registered office at Laguna Street, nº 242, Room nº 792, Itajaí – SC, Brazil ("GEOSAPIENS").

This document establishes the Privacy Policy of the use of this site/application, being signed between GEOSAPIENS and the people who use its services ("USERS" or "CUSTOMERS"). This instrument aims to provide information on the collection and use of data provided by Users. We warn you that all text should be read carefully and, if you do not agree with the content of our terms and/or privacy policy, do not click on "Accept", as "Accept" links Users to GEOSAPIENS. We also recommend that you accept or store a copy of these contracts.

For the sake of clarity, the following nomenclatures are considered for this document:

Android: Operating system that operates on mobile phones (smartphones), netbooks and tablets. It is developed by an alliance between several companies, among them Google.

Backup: Safety copy.

Chat online: Exchange of instant messages in a window available on the website/application.

Cookies: Small text files that are stored on the user's computer that can be retrieved by the platform that sent them during navigation. They are mainly used to identify and store information about visitors.

Download: File transfer from a certain server to the User's computer.

Encrypt: Convert computer data with a special code, making it incomprehensible to those who do not have access to this code.

Form: Resource for data collection and storage, used for the systematization of information. Through this resource, it is possible to conduct research and promote questionnaires.

Public Form: COLETUM’s function that allows sharing of forms with the public through a link. In this case, it is not necessary for the person answering the form to be a User and have a COLETUM account.

iOS: Apple's operating system, developed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

IP: Means "Internet Protocol". It is a number that identifies a device (computer, printer, smartphone) in a network.

Link: Link between documents on the Internet. A click on a link will automatically lead the user to the "linked" document.

Login: It is the process that allows access to a computer system, controlled by means of identification and authentication of the user by the credentials provided by this same web surfer.

Off-line: It is commonly used to designate that a user of the internet or another computer network is not connected to the network.

Online: It is commonly used to designate that a user of the internet or another computer network is connected to the network.

Pop-up: A window that opens during Internet browsing when accessing a page or redirects link. Typically, this new window displays prominent site/application information.

Respondent: A person who responds and/or fills out COLETUM forms.


This document was drafted and made available on 03/08/2018.


2.1. COLETUM values the protection and confidentiality of the information entrusted by Users, as well as the quality of the site/application, so that access data will be archived for a minimum period of 6 (six) months, according to Brazilian Law 12.965/2014.

2.2. User data is kept securely by Google Cloud Platform servers, with daily backups.


User information is collected in the following ways:

3.1. Information provided by the User: Identification information for registration (user name and e-mail) is requested upon completion by the Customer. If you wish, you can enter your full name and phone number to improve the support offered.

3.2. Navigation information: When the user visits the platforms, cookies are inserted in your browser, to identify them in the COLETUM system and to identify their preferences.

3.3. Location: It is not collected directly, however the site/application has the availability, if the User wishes to use, of location collection. The application version uses the GPS data (global positioning system) and the site uses the data from the internet provider.

3.4. Contact history between User and COLETUM: COLETUM stores information about all contacts already made with Users, such as online chat interactions, email, filling in contact forms for the support or telephone.


4.1. Registration data: Used for user authentication, personal identification and account identification. COLETUM allows the creation of teams to access the same account and the name is used for personal recognition of each member. In addition, they may be used when COLETUM needs to contact Customer.

4.2. Payment data per ticket: Information required for invoice generation and bank payment slip.

4.3. Payment data by credit card: Information requested and used directly by PayPal. COLETUM does not use this data directly, only to link the COLETUM User account to the PayPal billing profile, and the name and email used may not be the same on the 02 (two) platforms.

4.4. Location: COLETUM has a location collection feature from which a form fill has been made, which can be turned on or off by the Form Creator User. COLETUM also has a map to view the points of the sites.

4.5. Account data: The passwords created by Users are encrypted in the COLETUM database. In extreme cases of necessity, such as a court order, laws, through reports or requests for support by the User, COLETUM's board of directors may have access to the accounts to analyze the forms, fills and content created on the platforms. This conduct allows COLETUM to more efficiently evaluate the Complaints, problems and errors encountered by Users, facilitates the Customer support process and brings improvements to the services.

4.6. Chat online: Talks will be stored for security reasons and for possible conflicts. The content of private messages will not be exposed or passed on to third parties, with respect to their inviolability, except in cases of requirement by law or court orders.

4.7. Access to your personal information: Only employees, agents and members of COLETUM or persons strictly necessary for the provision of the service may have access to the personal information of the Users. Eventually, if the insertion of your information occurs in actions created in partnerships, the explicitly identified partners will also have access to the information.

4.8. COLETUM will not publicly disclose to third parties the information collected in such a way that it is possible to identify the User but may do so in an unidentifiable manner to carry out research, analysis, studies and improvements of the service.


5.1. Users' personal information is not passed on to third parties, only the data necessary to execute the COLETUM integrated tool services, duly already mentioned and authorized by the User by accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, such as PayPal.

5.2. COLETUM has no connection with the companies mentioned in the previous item and, for this reason, does not respond for any errors or damages caused by them. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of each of the tools before using the services.


6.1. Cancellation of access accounts by COLETUM: COLETUM may, in its sole discretion, block, restrict, disable or prevent access of any User to the site/application without prior notice, whenever an inappropriate conduct is detected, without prejudice to the measures which they deem appropriate.

6.1.1. Accounts that do not present any activity for the period of 01 (one) year will be excluded by COLETUM and the data will be definitively deleted after 07 (seven) days, with no chance of recovery. The User will be informed by email of these actions.

6.1.2. It will be considered as account activity the simple authentication of the User, although no action is taken within the tools.

6.2. Exclusion of access accounts by the User: The User who does not wish to continue using the platforms should opt for the cancellation of the service, excluding his account through the functionality present on the site. It should be noted that even with cancellation, the User must respect and comply with all contractual, legal and financial obligations that he has assumed up to now.

6.2.1. By clicking the delete account button, the User will delete his access account, as well as all accounts that are owner and all the completions made. Upon confirmation of deletion, User data will be permanently deleted from the platforms after 7 (seven) days.

6.3. Data Exclusion: Users requesting the deletion of their information will have their data deleted immediately and permanently from the platforms, except the access records (set of information regarding the date and time of use of an internet application through a specific IP address), which shall be kept under a controlled and security environment for a period of 6 (six) months, pursuant to Brazilian Law nº 12.965/2014.


7.1. COLETUM is committed to preserving the stability, security and functionality of the site/application, by means of technical measures compatible with international standards and by encouraging the use of good practices.

7.2. However, no service available on the internet is fully guaranteed against illegal invasions. In cases where unauthorized third parties invade the system in an illegal way, COLETUM will not be liable for damages caused by them.


COLETUM has specific text to regulate the use, rights, duties, guarantees and general provisions: The Terms and Conditions of Use. These specific terms integrate these Privacy Policies inseparably.


9.1. COLETUM provides service channels to receive all the communications that the User wishes to do:

9.1.1. By telephone +55 (47) 3344-0188 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 (BRT Timezone).

9.1.2. By correspondence addressed to 242, Laguna Street, Room 702, Bairro Fazenda, Itajaí - SC, ZIP CODE 88,301-460, Brazil.

9.1.3. By e-mail, to the electronic address

9.1.4. By chat on the platforms, which allows the User to send a message, even if there is no attendant available – who will return later.

9.2. All requests must always be accompanied by the consumer's contact information, so that the service can be performed.